How Rare Are Glioma Tumors?


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Glioma tumors. which develop in the glial cells of the brain, represent about 33 percent of primary brain tumors, reports the Johns Hopkins Medicine. Glioma brain tumors can form in three types of cells found in the brain, which are astrocytes, ependymal and oligodendrocyte cells.

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Although the exact cause of glioma brain tumors are unknown, some risks factors can include genetic disorders and having received radiation therapy of the brain, relates WebMD. Symptoms of glioma brain tumors can depend on their sizes and location, but a common symptom can be headaches, seizures and decline in memory, dizziness and hand tremors. These brain tumors can be cancerous or benign, states the National institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. For malignant glioma brain tumors, some treatment options are radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

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