How Do You Raise Your White Blood Count?


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Vitamin C, folate and echinacea can raise the white blood cell count, according to Healthline and WebMD. Additionally, medications such as filgrastim and pegylated filgrastim increase the white blood cell count when used after chemotherapy, states Dr. Martee Hensley for Everyday Health.

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How Do You Raise Your White Blood Count?
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Vitamin C increases the body’s production of white blood cells and helps to fight against infections. This vitamin must be taken each day as the body cannot produce or store it. Folate may also help to increase white blood cell production, notes Healthline. Folate helps the body to produce DNA and RNA, which are required for the production of white blood cells. Extracts of echinacea can increase the number of white blood cells in the body and boost the activity of a subset of white blood cells called macrophages, states WebMD. Probiotics and vitamin A may also help boost the activity of white blood cells, according to Healthline and Health.com.

Injectable medications such as filgrastim and pegylated filgrastim work by stimulating the bone marrow to produce white blood cells faster. As chemotherapy drugs tend to cause a decline in blood cell counts, the use of filgrastim and pegylated filgrastim is beneficial in reversing this result and getting white blood cell counts back to normal after treatment, explains Hensley.

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