How Do You Raise Your Metabolism?


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Raising a person's metabolism levels involves eating enough, not skipping breakfast and drinking coffee or tea, as stated by Prevention. Other methods of boosting metabolism involve choosing more organic food and exercising.

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Eating enough is necessary to boosting metabolism because the body will shut down if it does not receive enough calories. The body also starts to break down muscle tissue to gain energy. Skipping breakfast translates to a higher chance of being obese. A simple breakfast of oatmeal or yogurt gives the metabolism a jumpstart in the mornings. Coffee and tea are stimulants because of their caffeine content. Drinking a cup of tea or coffee can boost metabolism up to 12 percent during the day.

Processed foods can sometimes contain toxins that stifle the metabolism. Organic foods do not have those same toxins, which means fat burning is easier. Drinking 48 ounces of cold water can also boost metabolism. The body has to work to raise the temperature of the cold water after consumption which can lead to passively burning calories. Fiber can help boost the body's ability to burn fat too. Eating 25 grams a day of fiber helps reduce weight gain over time. Fiber can be found in various foods, including fruits and vegetables.

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