What Are Some Radial Nerve Palsy Exercises?


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There are numerous exercises that help with radial nerve palsy, or wrist drop, including wrist flexion, wrist deviations, prayer stretch, wrist flexor stretch and wrist extensor stretch, as noted by Total Orthopedic Care. Physical therapy is important for maintaining muscle strength, but it is important to only perform these exercises after consulting with a primary health care physician first to avoid making the condition worse.

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Radial nerve palsy has many causes including injuries, lead poisoning, pinching of the nerve, improper uses of crutches and pressure to the upper arm, as noted by the United States National Institutes of health's MedlinePlus. A physical examination is typically performed to give a proper diagnosis and other tests and examinations might be needed including blood tests, MRI, EKG and nerve conduction test.

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