What Are Some Quiz Questions About Marriage and Divorce?


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A marriage inventory quiz on DrPhil.com suggests married people ask themselves whether they ever lie to their spouses about money or ignore their spouses' intimacy needs. Another quiz question asks if spouses say, "I love you."

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Quiz questions related to everyday actions include asking if spouses remember special events, know their partners' preferences, eat at least one meal a day together, share fairly in household chores and laugh at each others' jokes. Concerning mutual respect and common interests, quiz questions ask if spouses discuss upcoming social plans, freely share feelings and ideas, invite each other to join activities and travel together for pleasure.

Questions about children and money are among the topics in a quiz about marriage and divorce on DivorceNet.com. For instance, how often does a spouse feed the children, change diapers or oversee homework? Do the spouses fairly share expenses, discuss finances openly and share their attitudes about money?

Psychology Today outlines a series of questions for determining if a marriage is workable. The first question outlines the situation of a spouse working late and asks how readily the other spouse believes the situation. Another question asks how a partner responds when hearing that her partner had a tough day.

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