What Are Some Quiz Questions to Diagnose Bipolar?


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Some quiz questions to diagnose bipolar disorder include "Are there times you are more talkative than usual?" and "Do you get into irritable moods?", according to PsychCentral. Diagnostic questions should evaluate any bipolar symptoms, such as dramatic mood swings, as well as note their severity and length, notes WebMD.

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The first questions on a diagnostic quiz should ask a person about his gender and age, as these can be factors in diagnosis, states PsychCentral. Questions should be better framed to include the severity and length of symptoms by having the question be a statement and provide various options for the answer. For example, the quiz question, or statement, "I speak much faster than usual at times" should have the following answers: not at all, a little, somewhat, moderately, a lot and very much. Other questions that can have this type of answer include "There have been times when I did many more things than usual" and "I have swings in my self-confidence that range from great self-doubt to equally great overconfidence."

Other questions include "Has anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?" and those asking to check any common bipolar symptoms, such as feeling sad or loss of interest in usual activities, notes Psychology Today.

Diagnostic tests should not be used as the only means of diagnosis as they have certain flaws, explains Counselling Resource. One problem is that tests usually assume that a person has suffered a previous depressive episode, which can only be truly assessed by a psychologist.

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