What Are Some Quiz Questions to Determine If a Woman Is Bipolar?


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One common screening question for bipolar disorder is whether any relatives have been diagnosed with the condition or with manic-depressive illness, states Mental Health America. Another common question is whether the patient has ever been told by a health care professional that she may have either of the two conditions.

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What Are Some Quiz Questions to Determine If a Woman Is Bipolar?
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Other questions to determine bipolar disorder include whether the person has ever been so hyper that she got into trouble or that others thought she was not her normal self; whether she has ever found herself being more talkative or talking more quickly than normal; and if she has ever had much more energy than usual. Similar questions include whether she ever finds herself much more active than usual, or whether she ever has more self-confidence than usual, reports Mental Health America.

Additional screening questions include whether the patient has ever gone without her normal amount of sleep and felt that she did not miss it; if she has ever had thoughts race through her head or if she could not slow down her mind; and whether she has ever had difficulty concentrating and been distracted by things around her. Other questions include whether she has ever been more interested in sex than usual, and if her spending habits have ever gotten her in trouble, states Mental Health America.

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