How Do You Take a Quiz on the Five Love Languages?


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"The 5 Love Languages" quiz designed by Gary Chapman is available online at 5LoveLanguages.com. It is also included in the book "The 5 Love Languages" by the same author.

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The quiz is designed to explain how different people express and receive love. The creator of the quiz recommends that couples take it together and use it as a tool to communicate with one another. At the end of the quiz, the participant is labelled as having one or more love languages.

The first of the love languages is receiving gifts. This can refer to small trinkets or even found items such as leaves or pebbles. The next love language is quality time. This means spending time with a partner in a meaningful way. Going for walks, reading together or sitting and talking are all examples of quality time.The next is words of affirmation. Words of affirmation are words spoken to a partner in a way that is supporting, encouraging and loving. Acts of service is the next type of love language. It involves performing acts that assist your mate or acts that simply make their day go easier. This could include doing an extra chore or dropping off the dry-cleaning.

The last love language is physical touch. This can be a pat on the pack, a hug or physical intimacy. The quiz asks a series of questions to create a profile of which love language is most important to the participant.

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