How Do You Quit Smoking Using Laser Therapy?


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No evidence-based studies exist to show laser therapy helps people quit smoking. PubMed Central, the American Cancer Society and Healthline state that existing evidence fails to support the purported effectiveness of laser therapy; however, some organizations, such as Anne Penman Laser Therapy, claim to offer laser programs to help people quit smoking.

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By applying a non-invasive laser beam to some parts on the body, laser treatment stimulates the production of endorphins, which relieve stress and pain. This mimics the endorphins nicotine releases. Withdrawal symptoms occur due to a drop in endorphin levels in the body when a person quits smoking suddenly. Laser therapy restores the body’s balance and helps reduce cravings, explains Anne Penman Laser Therapy.

Despite its popularity and safety as a smoking intervention, laser therapy is unlikely to be as effective as evidence-based interventions. A review conducted to determine the effectiveness of laser therapy and related techniques determined that although pooled estimates indicated possible short-lived effects, the results of therapy were too biased and inconsistent to warrant credibility, according to PubMed Central. Health professionals recommend shunning laser therapy and taking advantage of treatments that have been demonstrated to help people quit smoking, such as counseling and therapy involving NRT, Zyban or Chantix, reports Healthline.

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