How Do You Quickly Cure Bronchitis?


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Conventional treatments for bronchitis include drinking plenty of fluids, getting as much rest as possible, keeping warm and staying away from smoke and fumes, states WebMD. The use of a vaporizer is also recommended. Acetaminophen or aspirin can be used to treat pain and discomfort, and cough suppressants can relieve severe coughing. As most cases of bronchitis are caused by a virus, antibiotics are rarely useful in treatment.

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As Mayo Clinic explains, acute bronchitis is very common and usually develops from a cold or respiratory infection. It typically resolves itself within a couple of days, although a persistent cough can linger for a few weeks. Recurring bouts of bronchitis can indicate chronic bronchitis, which is more serious than acute bronchitis and requires medical attention. Additionally, it is possible for people to have acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis at the same time.

Symptoms of bronchitis include a nagging cough, the production of mucus, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest discomfort, fever and chills, according to Mayo Clinic. It is important to see a doctor if coughing lasts for longer than three weeks, prevents sleeping, produces blood or discolored mucus, is accompanied with wheezing, or is accompanied by a fever over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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