What Is the Quickest Weight Loss Program for Teens?


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There is no quick fix when it comes to helping a teen lose unwanted pounds. WebMD recommends a healthy pace of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week. This can be achieved through maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet in combination with a consistent exercise program.

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Teens require a lot of support from their families when they are attempting to shed extra weight. Prior to establishing a weight loss program with a teen, WebMD recommends for parents to schedule an appointment with the family doctor to determine if the teen is in fact in legitimate need of losing weight. It is important to rule out any factors that may be contributing to an apparent weight gain, such as a possible thyroid dysfunction or metabolic disorder.

It is best to approach weight loss from a healthy perspective. A teenager should not be led to believe that her perceived body image is more important than her overall physical health. This unhealthy approach can potentially lead to a body dysmorphic disorder down the road. Teens are highly emotionally susceptible to their environments, and therefore it is of paramount importance that parents lead their teens by setting an example of a healthy lifestyle, notes WebMD.

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