What Are Some Quick Cures for Leg Cramps?


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Quick cures for leg cramps include eating a banana, licking a bit of salt or pinching the upper lip, explains About.com. Another quick cure for leg cramps is to stretch the muscles of the leg.

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What Are Some Quick Cures for Leg Cramps?
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Eating a banana is a quick way to treat leg cramps as they may be caused by a lack of potassium in the body, claims About.com. Another reason a person may get leg cramps is due to diminished electrolytes in the body. To remedy this, drinking a sports drink with electrolytes is recommended, but if those drinks are not available, a small bit of table salt can do the same thing. Simply shake a bit on the palm of the hand, and then lick the salt.

The quickest way to relieve leg cramps may be to pinch the upper lip right below the nostrils, according to About.com. Press firmly for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute until the muscles in the leg relax. Walking around or stretching the legs is also a very good way to quickly relieve leg cramps. Do this by stretching the legs out and pointing the toes towards the chin. If leg pain is persistent, or it happens often, a person should make an appointment to see the doctor, as there may be an underlying medical cause for the cramping.

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