What Is a Quick Cure for the Hiccups?


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Eating sugar, putting fingers into one's ears and drinking water are all quick cures for hiccups, according to HowStuffWorks. Breathing into a paper bag may work, too.

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What Is a Quick Cure for the Hiccups?
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Eating a teaspoon of sugar to cure hiccups works by overloading the nerve endings in the tongue, explains HowStuffWorks. It is best to put the sugar on the back of the tongue. Another option, putting fingers into the ears, works to cure hiccups by stimulating the vagus nerve, the nerve that controls the diaphragm. Drinking water works for curing hiccups by interrupting the hiccup cycle, and breathing into a paper bag works by increasing the carbon dioxide in the blood. The body focuses on removing the carbon dioxide and forgets about the hiccups.

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