What Are Some Questions on the Press Ganey HCAHPS Survey?

What Are Some Questions on the Press Ganey HCAHPS Survey?

One question on the Press Ganey Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems asks, "In general, how would you rate your overall mental or emotional health?" states the Studer Group. An additional question on the survey asks, "During this hospital stay, were you admitted to this hospital through the Emergency Room?"

Another question states, "During this hospital stay, staff took my preferences and those of my family or caregiver into account in deciding what my health care needs would be when I left," according to the Studer Group.

The Press Ganey survey also includes questions related to patients' communications with doctors and nurses, according to Press Ganey. The survey asks patients questions related to pain management, hospital responsiveness and cleanliness.

Patients use the survey to rate their stays in hospitals based on composite topics, individual topics and global topics, Medicare adds. Composite topics include questions about how well hospital staff respond to patients, how well doctors and nurses communicate with patients, and whether the hospital clearly discharged or transitioned patients to other facilities for more treatment. Individual topics include questions ranging from cleanliness of the hospital to quietness of hospital rooms. Global topic questions rate the hospital overall, including whether patients recommend the hospital to future patients.

The Press Ganey survey includes 32 questions, Press Ganey states. Patients rate each question with responses that include never, sometimes, usually and always.