What Are Some Questions on a Narcissism Test?


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Examples of questions that may appear on a personal assessment for narcissistic personality disorder include, "Are you good at influencing people?" and "Do you wish you were more assertive?" explains PsychCentral. Another question that helps screen for narcissistic tendencies is, "Are you always confident you know what you're doing?"

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People with narcissistic personality disorder behave in excessively arrogant ways, desire admiration from others and lack empathy, notes Psychology Today. They are often manipulative, demanding and convinced they are deserving of special treatment from people around them. A narcissism test helps screen for these traits by having test takers answer a series of questions about how they perceive their abilities, personality and overall self-worth. The test also helps measure the individual's level of humility; a key difference between people with a healthy level of self-esteem and narcissists who think too highly of themselves is that people with high self-esteem tend to exhibit a degree of humility.

An example of a question that can help determine if an individual exhibits humility is, "Are you a modest person?" as PsychCentral indicates. Another useful question for testing for this trait is, "Do you agree that you can talk your way out of just about anything?" A humble person is more likely to disagree that she can manipulate people into getting her own way in any situation.

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