What Are Some Questions on a Medical Terminology Pretest?


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Questions on a medical terminology pretest ask for definitions of terms like lithiasis, menarche and aphagia, as well as for related treatments, symptoms and procedures for medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus. Medical prefixes and suffixes are also tested, as stated by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

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A question on a pretest may ask for the definition of a term, or it may provide the definition and ask what the correct term is, as seen on the AAMA pretest. For example, a question may ask what the term for reconstruction of the eardrum is, or it may ask what "tympanoplasty" is used for.

A medical terminology prertest has some questions that test simple recall, such as asking for the chemical symbol for iron. Other questions ask for the correct spellings of words, like abscess, hemorrhoid and myeloid. The pretest also focuses on medical abbreviations, as shown by the AAMA pretest. "OS" and "subq" are examples of abbreviations on a pretest.

Some questions on a medical terminology pretest require higher-order thinking skills, because the candidate must associate a term with a procedure, rather than directly define it. For example, a question may ask for the body system that a pyloromyotomy is associated with, or for the candidate to identify a nonsterile procedure, according to the AAMA pretest.

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