What Are Some Questions From a Hormone Imbalance Quiz?


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Some questions on a hormone imbalance quiz may relate to irregular periods, hot flashes, and PMS symptoms such as cramps, bloating and breast tenderness, according to Women's Health Network. Other questions are about symptoms such as sleep difficulties, irritability, and stiff or achy joints.

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The quiz on the Women's Health Network website asks participants to rate their symptoms on a scale from one to five. A rating of one means that the participant does not experience these symptoms with any regularity, while a rating of five implies that the symptom is so severe the participant can barely function. In addition to symptoms of the body, this quiz asks participants to answer questions about lifestyle choices and previous diagnoses. Some of these questions are about work stress, amount of caffeine intake and any family history of heart disease. Additional questions are about the amounts of protein intake, exercise and sleep, as well as the participant's schedule, explains Women's Health Network.

Other hormone imbalance quizzes ask similar questions, shows The Hormone Cure. Some questions on this quiz ask about abnormal pap smears, bone loss such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, and cyclical headaches. Additional questions ask about a participant's history with anemia, heavy menstruation cycles, and high cholesterol or blood pressure.

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