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CPRandFirstAid.net has a review quiz that asks multiple choice questions such as, “What is the most critical step in case of emergency?” and “When administering CPR, what is the breaths-to-compressions ratio?” The quiz also includes fill-in-the-blank statements with four possible answer choices. First Aid Web also has a fill-in-the-blank multiple-choice quiz with similar questions.

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CPRandFirstAid.net’s fill-in-the-blank questions ask the test taker to identify, for example, the proper places on the bodies of infant, child and adult victims to check pulse and circulation, the time between heart stoppage and brain death, how to clear the victim’s airway, how to check if a victim is responsive, and when to perform infant or children's CPR, among others.

First Aid Web’s online CPR review quiz also asks fill-in-the-blank questions with four answer choices. The questions require knowledge of in what order to perform the steps of CPR, how to check for responsiveness and how to administer CPR to adults and infants. Other questions ask the test taker to identify the most common source of airway obstruction and when to dial 911 in the case of an unresponsive victim.

Some questions on both First Aid Web and CPRandFirstAid.net include "All of the Above" as a possible answer choice.

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