What are some questions commonly found on couple compatibility tests?


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Couples compatibility tests commonly include questions involving values and beliefs, libido, financial matters, family and spiritual practices. A typical question is "Do you and your partner value the same things?" Another question to gauge compatibility is "Do you and your partner discuss important decisions?"

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People use couples compatibility tests and relationship quizzes to decide whether or not to enter a relationship, take a relationship to the next level, such as marriage or end a relationship. The questions on various compatibility tests are often phased differently, but they relate the same subjects.

Physical attraction and sexual libido are important to compatibility. Question about those topics might be "Do you feel that your partner desires you?" or "Are you and your partner's libidos about the same?"

Another important subject with regard to compatibility is the way a couple handles conflict. A test might ask "When you disagree, do you feel that your partner listens to and acknowledges your opinion?" or "When you argue, do you feel that your partner is too harsh or negative, using name-calling or sarcasm instead of more constructive language?"

Compatible people require similar amounts of personal space and free time. A good question relating to this might be "Does your partner allow you enough time to pursue your interests without feeling neglected?"

The way a couple handles financial matters is also important in compatibility. Ask whether or not each partner feels the other is responsible in financial matters, and if they are able to discuss these matters directly and without arguing.

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