What Are the Qualities of the Top Knee Surgeons in the United States?


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The qualities of the best knee surgeons are similar to those of the best doctors, states Rothman Institute. They have the credentials and years of experience in knee surgery, and they are members of the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons. Importantly, they inspire trust and confidence in their care.

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What Are the Qualities of the Top Knee Surgeons in the United States?
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The best knee surgeons bring years of experience together with skills in caring for patients, notes orthopedic care facility the Rothman Institute. After a prospective patient finds a board-certified surgeon with no history of malpractice, he should consider the interpersonal connection with the surgeon. Some questions the Institute recommends patients ask themselves include does he make patients feel comfortable, does he welcome questions, and does he interact in an agreeable fashion.

A patient can ask the surgeon some questions to clarify whether the surgeon is a good fit, as Bonesmart.org recommends. These include asking how many of this type of operation the surgeon has performed, why he uses the chosen prosthesis, what is his infection rate, and what is the incidence of short-term and long-term complications.

Patients can verify a doctor's credentials online through the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to ensure the doctor is in good standing, as Bonesmart.org notes. If patients find the answers to their questions unsatisfactory, Bonesmart.org recommends trusting instincts and getting another opinion.

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