What Are Some Qualities in Men That People Find Attractive?

What Are Some Qualities in Men That People Find Attractive?

Possessing a good sense of humor, having lots of friends, displaying leadership traits, and being someone who smiles and is kind are some of the most attractive qualities in men. These traits are typically considered more attractive than having a good physical appearance.

People are more attracted to men who are funny, as evidenced by one study that found that men who told jokes were three times more likely to get a person's number than men who did not tell jokes. Funny men are often considered to be more social and more intelligent, which are desirable characteristics in a potential mate.

Being surrounded by friends seems to increase the perception of a man's attractiveness because our brains assess the faces of a group of people all together, which makes faces look more equal and attractive.

Men who are leaders are also perceived to be more attractive. Research has found that people in a group find the group's leader to be more attractive than people who are not in the group.

Men who may be physically unattractive can make up for it by smiling more. Multiple experiments show that the stronger a man's smile is, the more attractive people consider his face to be. Being kind comes with similar benefits for men, since knowing how kind a man is appears to make people think his face is more attractive.