What Are Some of the Qualities That Men Look for in Women?


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Some of the qualities men look for in women include a laid-back, spontaneous personality as well as honesty and faithfulness. Men also look for independent women who are confident in their own personalities.

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Men look for spontaneous women because spontaneous women often know how to keep a relationship fun. In addition, after a long day of work, a man wants a woman who helps him relax and unwind. If a woman doesn't worry about small things, such as unfinished chores, it helps the man feel comfortable with her. Playfulness is another related quality that men look for because laughter and a lighthearted take on life events help keep a relationship fresh and fun.

Honesty is a quality that men look for because men want to trust their girlfriends and eventual spouses. Even small lies can damage or ruin a relationship. A man also looks for a trustworthy woman because he does not want to have to worry about his partner spending too much or developing emotional attachments to other men.

When a man looks for independence, he wants to know that his significant other does not need constant attention, such as frequent text messages or phone calls. Men appreciate having the space to pursue their own interests and maintain friendships with the guys. This means looking for a woman who has relationships with female friends. Despite the independence, men look for a woman who prioritizes her relationship with her significant other. Men also look for a woman who supports her significant other in his career and accepts the man's financial position.

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