What Are Some Qualities of a Healthy Relationship?


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Some qualities of a healthy relationship include honest communication, patience, respect and friendliness. Productive couples express these qualities even in spite of relationship difficulties, and a lack of any of them can be the sign of a failing or unproductive relationship.

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Open, honest communication is one of the most vital qualities for a relationship’s success. Couples who are unable to communicate their feelings and intentions are unable to make progress in a relationship, and a lack of communication can also lead to a lack of emotional intimacy and connection.

Patience and compromise are two interrelated qualities that are also important for a productive, healthy relationship. Partners with a healthy outlook on the relationship understand that conflict inevitably arises, and they are patient when working through conflict with their significant others. The ability to compromise and acknowledge that no relationship is perfect is also highly important for couples to interact effectively.

Respect in a relationship means each partner acknowledges the others’ opinions and listens to them in a nonjudgmental manner. Respect also has an emotional dimension. Respectful partners acknowledge and validate each other’s feelings, even if they can’t always understand them.

Friendliness between partners is another sign of a healthy relationship. While no couple can be friendly to each other all the time, a general sense of playfulness and kindness typically characterizes the healthiest and most enduring relationships.

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