What Qualifications Are Required to Gain Certification in Wound Care?


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The qualifications required to obtain a wound care management certification include an active, unrestricted license as a medical practitioner, two or more years of experience in wound care and completion of a wound care management course, according to Houston Chronicle. A person should also pass a wound care management exam.

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Nurses, doctors, surgeons and other medical practitioners can acquire a certification in wound care management, states Houston Chronicle. At least two years of relevant experience in the recent five years usually is required. Necessary experience is gained by changing wound dressings, identifying signs of infection in wounds, creating treatment plans and participating in other wound care management activities.

After gaining sufficient experience, health care workers can apply for a wound care management certification test with the National Alliance of Wound Care, the American Board of Wound Management or another accredited organization, according to Houston Chronicle. Different institutions may offer varying certification levels depending on a person’s medical profession. The Wound Care Education Institute supervises the exam that allows medical practitioners to obtain a certification from the National Alliance of Wound Care.

After passing the wound care management exam, certificate holders should continue studying the required courses and apply for a recertification as necessary, recommends Houston Chronicle.

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