Does Pycnogenol Benefit Men With Erectile Dysfunction?


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Limited scientific evidence indicates that Pycnogenol can be used to improve erectile dysfunction among men. In a majority of cases, researchers suggest the period required for any significant improvement is three months, according to WebMD. To improve on the results, scientists recommend using the drug along with an L-arginine inhibitor.

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A nitric oxide boost is the functionality of Pycnogenol that leads to an improvement in sexual function. For instance, a research study found there was arterial expansion among young males who ingested a daily dosage of Pycnogenol. The young men also had to use an L-arginine inhibitor together with the daily dosage of Pycnogenol, explains WebMD. The implication of this observation is that Pycnogenol leads to the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a significant factor in the improvement of sexual function among men.

Unlike drugs such as Vioxx, Pycnogenol does not cause cardiovascular damages to patients. In fact, the use of the drug leads to significant reduction of blood pressure, which has been identified as a significant cause of erectile dysfunction. Male patients with erectile dysfunction who took Pycnogenol along with an L-arginine inhibitor reported improvements, and there were no side effects associated with their recovery, notes WebMD.

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