How Do You Put a Splint on a Broken Pinky Finger?

To put a temporary splint on a broken pinky finger, place a pen next to the finger, then wrap something around it to hold the finger in place, says WebMD. A popsicle stick also works in place of the pen. This is only a temporary splint to be used until the individual can reach a doctor for a real splint.

Some other home treatments for a broken pinky finger include icing the finger and taking over-the-counter pain relievers, notes WebMD. Once the temporary splint is in place, begin icing the finger and go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care. Do not place ice directly on the skin; instead, place the ice in a towel and hold the towel against the finger.

At the emergency room, the doctor X-rays the finger to ensure it is broken and determine the severity of the fracture, explains WebMD. The types of bones broken determine the appropriate treatment. A common treatment for a stable fracture is to splint the pinky finger and tape it to the ring finger to keep it immobile while it heals. Healing typically takes about four weeks. For an unstable break in the finger, the doctor may need to align the fracture fragments before splinting the finger.