What Do You Put on a Pimple-Looking Bump Inside Your Ear That Is Painful to Touch?


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Apply warm, moist compresses to a pimple-like bump inside the ear that is painful to touch, advises Patient.co.uk. The bump may be a boil, also called a furuncle, which is caused by bacteria. The warm compresses may help relieve the pain.

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Furuncles often clear up on their own, but they are painful, notes Patient.co.uk. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to treat furuncles that grow larger or that do not resolve quickly. Patients may also require pain medication.

Cysts and tumors may cause bumps in the ear, according to Healthgrades. If the ear bump does not resolve on its own, or it causes persistent or extreme discomfort, the patient needs to obtain a medical evaluation.

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