How Do You Put on Muscle Mass?


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A well-developed plan that involves proper nutrition and weight training provides the quickest route to increased muscle mass. Thin people need to eat high calorie meals, while heavier people must concentrate on the quality, not quantity, of food. Work hard, not long, in the gym for best results.

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It does not take hours a day to increase muscle mass. Bodybuilders recommend shorter sessions of an hour or so with increased intensity to add bulk. People who seek more muscle need to focus on either increasing repetitions or adding more weight onto the bar each session in order to get the best results.

Muscle confusion is a term that involves changing the workout every month or so. Muscles have memory that responds unfavorably to the same exercise for months on end. Changing things up results in quicker muscle gain and helps people avoid plateaus.

A gym workout involves tearing muscle down so it can regenerate. An important part of regeneration is an adequate diet. A thin person who is looking to add weight needs to eat a lot of calories five or six times a day. A heavy person who is looking to get ripped must concentrate solely on lean protein and vegetables to shed the unwanted fat.

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