How Do You Put Your Legs Behind Your Head?

Lean up against a wall for balance, and use your hands to move your legs behind your shoulders. Next, move your calves back behind your neck. Cross your ankles, and keep your neck as stiff as possible. Putting your legs behind your head typically takes practice to increase flexibility unless your hips are already quite open.

  1. Test your flexibility

    Try bending down from a standing position and touching your toes. Try touching your toes again from a seated position. If you can do so easily from both positions, then you are flexible enough to give it a go. If not, consider practicing yoga or Pilates to open up your hips and your waist so that you become more flexible.

  2. Place one leg behind your head

    Sit on the floor against a wall and then lift one leg and place it behind your shoulders. Press into the heel while straightening the leg as much as possible. Use your hand or the leg to move the leg over behind your neck. Keep your neck and your knee as straight as possible in order to avoid putting pressure on your back and neck. Try to keep your back straight.

  3. Place your other leg behind your head

    Either lean against a wall or rest on your belly until you achieve enough balance to do so without support. Lift your other leg, then shift it behind your shoulders. Wait until you are comfortable in this position before moving your leg behind your neck. Cross your ankles, and continue to press into your knees to straighten your legs.