How Do You Put in Eye Contacts?

put-eye-contacts Credit: Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

To insert a contact lens, begin by washing and drying your hands thoroughly. Next, pick up the right eye lens, and clean it. Once the lens is clean, hold open your eyelids, and gently place the lens on your eyeball. Repeat this procedure for the left-eye contact lens.

  1. Wash your hands

    Thoroughly wash your hands using a non-perfumed soap, and rinse them well. Next, use a clean towel to dry your hands completely.

  2. Pick up the contact lens

    Starting with the lens for the right eye, pour the lens and cleaning solution into your palm, then place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Look at the lens to make sure it is shaped like a bowl when facing you.

  3. Clean the lens

    If the lens isn't new, clean it using a contact lens solution. If the procedure is taking place over a sink, it is helpful to plug the drain to prevent the loss of a dropped lens.

  4. Hold open the eye

    Use a finger on your free hand to hold open the upper eyelid to avoid blinking during insertion. Use the free fingers of the inserting hand to hold open the lower eyelid, while pulling it down.

  5. Insert the lens

    While looking up, gently place the lens on the lower part of your eye. Once in place, remove your hands, look down, and allow your eye to blink several times.