What Is the Purpose of Using Empi TENS Electrodes?

What Is the Purpose of Using Empi TENS Electrodes?

Empi Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation electrodes are used for pain management, physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation, according to DJO Global. The devices are also useful in sports and fitness performance enhancement.

The Empi Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation electrodes provide effective and non-invasive pain relief to patients, states DJO Global. They also re-educate muscles and prevent and combat disuse atrophy without any of the risks associated with prescription medication and surgery.

Reports show that Empi TENS electrodes reduce pain through both central and peripheral mechanisms, states the National Institutes of Health. Centrally, Empi TENS electrodes activate sites in the brain stem and spinal cord that utilize serotonin, opioid and muscarinic receptors. Peripherally, at the site of the TENS application, the electrodes induce analgesia.

Empi TENS works by using electrotherapy to deliver mild electrical impulses that stimulate the peripheral nervous system, reports DJO Global. This reduces the brain's perception of pain. Furthermore, it triggers the body to produce endorphins, which are natural pain relievers that prevent pain signals from traveling from one nerve to the other.

Another purpose of Empi TENS electrodes is to provide targeted pain relief, states DJO Global. The electrodes are placed directly on the affected area for effective pain management. The device helps in pain management of the back, neck, lower back, shoulder, wrist, hand and other parts of the body.