What Is the Purpose of EtG Alcohol Testing?


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The purpose of Ethyl Glucuronide testing is to detect the presence of alcohol in the human body, even when ethanol cannot be detected by other standard tests. The test is conducted on urine to detect recent consumption of alcohol by the individual.

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An EtG test is mostly conducted in situations where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. It can indicate alcohol presence in the human body within a period of not later than four days. The test is also conducted in alcohol treatment and recovery facilities to ensure total abstinence of alcoholic drinks.

Some drug courts and probation departments use EtG testing to find out if certain individuals are still drinking alcohol unlawfully. The test is only based on consumed alcohol in the body rather than alcohol produced due to fermentation.

Although an EtG test is used to detect alcohol consumption, it does not indicate the exact number of alcoholic drinks consumed by the individual. Since the test has a maximum level of EtG that can be measured, any amount above the limit is not indicated in the results. Unlike other standard tests, EtG tests are only used to detect any consumption of alcoholic drinks, but are not used to measure heavy drinking.

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