What Is the Purpose of a CT Scan?


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A CT, or computed tomography, scan allows doctors to look inside the body to see body organs, blood vessels and bones, as explained by WebMD. CT scans are used to check for tumors, assess blood flow and diagnose conditions affecting the internal organs, as NHS Choices elaborates.

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CT scans are specifically used in the chest area to find infections, pulmonary embolisms and cancer, according to WebMD. In the abdomen, CT scans can be used to find or diagnose cysts, infections, enlarged lymph nodes, inflammatory bowel disease, urinary blockages, tumors, jaundice, pancreatitis, blockage of the bile ducts and problems with the pelvic organs. CT scans can also be used with the limbs and with the head to investigate tumors or strokes, notes NHS Choices.

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