What Is the Purpose of a Bydureon Injection?


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Bydureon injections help patients with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar levels, reports Drugs.com. The medication enables the pancreas to produce insulin in a more efficient manner. Available only with a prescription, Buydureon is a brand-name extended-release form of the drug exenatid.

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Patients typically self-inject Bydureon under the skin once per week using disposable syringes, taking caution never to inject the same site two times in a row, according to Drugs.com. The syringes are thrown out after a single use. Common injection sites include the upper arms, stomach and thighs. Patients can inject Bydureon with or without food, at any time of the day.

The administration of Bydureon is somewhat complicated, so patients should have their doctor thoroughly explain the process. The medication comes in powdered form, and patients must mix it with a liquid before injecting it. Unused Bydureon powder should be stored in the refrigerator, shielded from light, states Drugs.com.

Potential side effects of Bydureon injections include upset stomach, heartburn, belching, diarrhea and weight loss, as listed by Drugs.com. Additionally, patients sometimes develop a hard lump at injection sites. Patients should stop injecting Bydureon and contact their doctor immediately if they experience swelling in the throat, difficulty breathing or swallowing, dull pain in the lower or middle back, or shortness of breath.

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