What Is the Purporse of Rotator Cuff Surgery?


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The purpose of rotator-cuff surgery is to repair the damage from a shoulder injury, and to improve shoulder movement and function, according to WebMD. The surgery attempts to provide relief from shoulder pain by fixing torn tendons, removing broken tendons and bursa, and shaving the shoulder blade bone.

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During rotator-cuff surgery, the patient receives an anesthetic to numb the area around the shoulder. The surgeon makes cuts in the shoulder area, and repairs damaged tendons by sewing them or by taking tendons from another part of the body and grafting them, asserts Johns Hopkins Medicine. Sergons choose arthroscopy or open surgery depending on the severity of the damage, although arthroscopy is the most common rotator-cuff procedure performed, claims WebMD.

Rotator-cuff surgery is performed most commonly on people who use their shoulders excessively and repetitively, including athletes and construction workers, states Johns Hopkins Medicine. Inflammation and limited movement in the arm and shoulder are some of the symptoms that people with shoulder injury often experience. Some patients may not gain full recovery of the use of their shoulder, and the surgery may not provide complete joint-pain relief. Risks from undergoing rotator-cuff surgery include nerve damage, bleeding and formation of blood clots elsewhere in the body.

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