What Is Purple-K Creatine?

Purple-K Creatine is a bodybuilding supplement developed by Fusion Bodybuilding, Inc. The Purple-K creatine supplement contains buffered, synthesized creatine molecules with a pH level of 12, which Fusion Bodybuilding claims is a stable, 100 percent natural, pH-correct formula that increases muscle energy and performance.

According to WebMD, creatine is commonly used to increase athletic performance to build strength and endurance in people who suffer from heart failure or muscular diseases and to slow the worsening of early Parkinson disease symptoms. While Fusion Bodybuilding claims there are no side effects from taking Purple-K Creatine, taking high doses of creatine can cause cramping, diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain. WebMD notes that high doses could also harm heart, kidney and liver function.