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According to WebMD, a low-purine diet is one low in purines, a chemical compound that the body breaks down into uric acid. Foods that contain purines include meat, fish such as anchovies, herring and mackerel, and other seafood such as scallops, crabs, oysters and shrimp. Yeast-containing beverages such as beer and meat sauces such as gravy also contain high levels of purines.

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Uric acid is normally filtered by the kidneys and exits the body through urination. According to Healthline, uric acid can sometimes build up in the blood, resulting in health complications such as gout and kidney stones. Gout or hyperuricemia is characterized by inflammation and pain particularly of the joints, where more formations of uric acid crystals or urate are usually found. The same formation or build-up can occur in the urinary tract system and kidneys, where it causes kidney stones.

These diseases can be prevented or minimized if the person follows a low-purine diet. Drugs.com specifies that meats, especially organ meats and game meats, must be consumed in strictly limited amounts, no more than 6 ounces per day. The same rule applies for fish and seafood. WebMD, on the other hand, recommends the intake of dairy products, fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts and chocolate in order to reduce risks of uric acid buildup and its resulting complications.

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