Where Do You Purchase Medihoney Wound Care Products?


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Medihoney wound and burn care products can be purchased from Amazon.com and VitalityMedical.com. Another company that offers Medihoney products is Shop The Care Group, LLC.

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Manufactured by Derma Sciences Inc., Medihoney medical-grade honey products are used for burn and wound management. Medihoney wound care dressings are made with active leptospermum honey, states Derma Sciences Inc. Active leptospermum honey helps heal burns and wounds by reducing wound pH, maintaining a moist environment and assisting in wound debris cleansing.

Although honey has been used in wound care for centuries, Medihoney is one of the first honey products to be certified and licensed for professional wound management in Australia and Europe. As of 2015, scientific evidence confirms the antibacterial properties of medical-grade honey. The use of medically certified honey dressings, such as Medihoney, as an alternative approach in the treatment of wounds is endorsed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Honey inhibits the growth of bacteria by drawing moisture out of the environment, subsequently dehydrating bacteria. Its high sugar content also helps in hindering the growth of microbes, states the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Medical honey also speeds up wound healing through its anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, medical honey effectively addresses issues of malodor from chronic wounds.

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