How Do You Purchase Affordable Dentures?


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Affordable dentures can be purchased using several payment options such as credit card, dental insurance, Medicaid or financing geared towards dental services, as stated by Affordable Dentures. Dental offices affiliated with local government agencies, clinics and hospitals may offer affordable dentures to consumers as well as social services organizations or retirement facilities.

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Patients visiting the dentist can inquire if the dental office accepts dental insurance plans, which cover all or part of dental services such as dentures. Dental offices typically don't process insurance forms, so consumers must file dental claims, notes Affordable Dentures. Medicaid is a state-funded program that may cover the cost of dentures, but this varies by state, and may not be available for dental services in some states. Some dental practices offer financing programs to patients getting dentures, and patients are required to apply for financing, which is only granted upon approval. Financing dentures allows patients to make monthly payments that are within their budget.

Patients who don't qualify for special financing have the option of paying for dentures using a credit card, and most dental offices accept major credit cards as payment, according to Affordable Dentures. Several factors go into the cost of dentures, including the type of dentures required and additional procedures such as oral surgery, claims 1-800-Dentist.

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