How Do You Pull Out Your Own Tooth?


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It is possible to pull out a tooth, particularly a baby tooth, at home by wrapping the tooth in gauze and gently pulling, according to Modern Mom. A tooth should be extracted at home only if it is already loose enough to fall out, notes dentist Paul M. Loper of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Even in the case of a loose tooth, Loper advises patients to consult a dentist to determine whether the tooth needs to be extracted.

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Saliva in the mouth tends to make teeth slippery, which in turn makes extraction more difficult, Modern Mom states. Wrapping the tooth in a small piece of gauze helps dry the saliva and provide extra friction. To remove the tooth, pull on it gently with the gauze wrapping. Avoid pulling too hard as this causes pain when the tooth is not yet loose enough to come out. When a tooth is loose, eating chewy or crunchy foods and gently wiggling the tooth with the fingers or tongue may help to further loosen it, making extraction easier.

Severe gum disease may cause teeth to loosen and fall out, in which case home extraction is sometimes acceptable, Loper states. Improper home extraction, or extraction of an abscessed tooth, may lead to infection. Consult a dentist whenever possible to determine the best course of action, Loper advises.

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