How Do You Pull Out a Loose Tooth?


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You can pull out a loose tooth using tweezers, gauze or, for added grip, fingers, notes Plaza Dental Group. However, the easiest way to extract a loose tooth from a child's mouth is to allow the tooth to fall out on its own, according to Colgate.

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Around the age of 6, children begin losing baby teeth to allow the adult teeth to come in. During this process, the roots of the baby teeth slowly dissolve, causing the teeth to become loose, explains Colgate. If a baby tooth is loose, an easy, pain-free way to remove it is to leave the tooth alone until the roots dissolve enough that it falls out on its own.

It is also possible to extract a tooth by wiggling it with the fingers until it comes out, reports Plaza Dental Group. For teeth in more difficult positions, you can perform similar extractions using tweezers or a small square of gauze. Eating crunchy or chewy foods or flossing around the tooth may also encourage the tooth to come out more easily.

For a tooth knocked loose from an impact rather than the onset of adult teeth, it may be advisable to see a dentist to rule out any chance of infection or damage to the adult tooth, according to Colgate. You also might want to consult a dentist if the tooth is especially problematic or difficult to extract, notes Plaza Dental Group.

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