What Are Some PTSD Support Groups?

What Are Some PTSD Support Groups?

Post-traumatic stress disorder support groups include Recovery International, PanicSurvivor.com, HopeForHealing.org and Pandora's Project, according to GiftFromWithin.org. Some support groups are oriented towards a specific type of trauma. For instance, HopeforHealing.org is for survivors of rape and abuse.

Support groups are very useful for people who have experienced trauma, because they help them feel less isolated, notes HelpGuide.org. Individuals with PTSD can also access information by attending those groups, with matters related to treatment and coping with symptoms. Online support groups are available if patients cannot find a support group that meets nearby.

It can be hard for people with PTSD to connect to others, because they feel disconnected from their social group. It is a good idea to exercise before meeting other people, including friends and family, because exercise can open the pathway to social engagement of the nervous system, advises HelpGuide.org.

Finding an isolated place where one can flail around can also be an effective way of reducing anxiety.

Vocal toning is yet another effective exercise for controlling PTSD symptoms. To do this exercise, the person keeps his teeth slightly apart and his lips together, and then starts making "mmm" sounds until he feels a pleasant vibration in his face.