What Is Psychosocial Health?

psychosocial-health Credit: Tanya Little/Moment/Getty Images

According to Free Dictionary, psychosocial health is an evaluation of the mental state resulting from life experiences and maladjusted cognitive and behavioral processes; in short, the psychological and social factors of life. In some cases, a person may be deemed to have a psychosocial disorder, which is a mental illness.

Free Dictionary explains that peers, socioeconomic status, personality, parental support, culture, religious beliefs and relationships help to create a person and are reflected in the person's psychological makeup. The need to evaluate the psychosocial health of a person suggests a challenge may be present if the person is required to interact or communicate with others in a social setting.

Free Dictionary also states that the causes relating to an alteration in psychosocial health are diverse, complex and not fully understood. Preliminary studies identify biological and hereditary factors to be the cause. Though the cause may be hereditary, the effect differs from each person. Depression, for example, may be inherited by a family member, while the onset of depression can be caused by a traumatic event for another family member.

Effective diagnosis is achieved by undergoing a psychosocial assessment conducted by a qualified medical professional. The assessment is a full interview capturing a detailed analysis of the social and medical history of the patient, Free Dictionary notes.