How Do You Find Providers Who Accept Liberty Dental?

Find providers who accept LIBERTY Dental by navigating to the official LIBERTY Dental Plan website and using its dental provider locator tool. It should be noted that only dental clinics accepting new patients are included in the LIBERTY dental provider directory, states the company website.

LIBERTY Dental Plan, headquartered in Irvine, California, offers consumers a variety of dental insurance products, notes The company provides dental health care to members through consultants, agents and participating networks of dentists and dental experts. To locate affiliated providers of LIBERTY Family Dental Plan under a health maintenance organization network, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the LIBERTY Dental Plan website
  2. Use an Internet browser and visit the LIBERTY Dental Plan website at Click the Find A Dental Provider link under the Members menu tab.

  3. Provide information
  4. Select LIBERTY Family Dental HMO from the drop-down menu under Benefit Plan. Input the ZIP code and choose preferred distance coverage or provide the country, state, city and county in the corresponding text fields. Narrow down the selection criteria by indicating the dentist's last name and office name.

  5. Submit query and view results page
  6. Click the Search button to proceed. Wait to be redirected to the results page. Browse all available providers on the list, and choose a preferred dental provider.