What Is the Proti Diet?


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The Proti Diet is a high-protein diet weight loss program developed by a team of obesity doctors based on the principle that the body obtains energy from muscle instead of fat when food is scarce. The Proti Diet purportedly prevents muscle loss when dieting through the consumption of foods that contain easily digested proteins and very few carbohydrates. The manufacturer claims that the diet is effective at eliminating cellulite.

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The benefits of the Proti Diet include fat loss with no loss in muscle mass, appetite suppression, and increased energy and sense of well being. The manufacturer claims that consuming the diet's high-protein supplements allows the body to lose fat rather than muscle, particularly in the hips, buttocks and stomach. Additionally, the diet purportedly detoxifies the body, resulting in feelings of euphoria. The manufacturer further promises quick results that help dieters maintain their motivation.

As of 2016, Proti Diet products, which are available only from weight loss clinics, are intended to be used as part of an individualized weight loss plan developed by a health professional. Products include baked goods, hot, cold and concentrated drinks, shakes, soups and desserts.

The Proti Diet is based on the work of Georges Blackburn, a Harvard Medical School professor. Jean Bourassa-Marineau created the diet plan.

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