What Are Protein Tablets?


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Tablets and other forms of protein supplements help people meet daily protein requirements, according to WholeFoods Magazine. Protein is an important building block for almost every hormone, enzyme, transporter and tissue in the human body. Protein deficiencies are potentially dangerous, and people who wish to build muscle or participate in athletics require even more of this important macronutrient.

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WholeFoods Magazine notes that bodybuilders and other athletes achieve more impressive, efficient physiques by pushing their muscles until they tear. Torn muscles send signals to surrounding cells, and those cells work together to rebuild the muscle. As a muscle is torn and rebuilt over and over, it thickens over time. Branched chain amino acids help increase muscle growth by speeding up the body's response to the torn muscle. Branched chain amino acids can only be obtained by consuming protein, and supplements such as tablets, powders and shakes are an ideal source.

Best-selling fitness author Hugo Rivera for About.com states that whey protein, one of the most common protein supplements, is an excellent source of protein for sports performance because it helps lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone that attacks and destroys muscle. Studies also show that whey protein improves the body's immune system and reduces blood pressure.

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