Do Protein Shakes Work?


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Protein shakes are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise that work to build and support muscles. Protein shakes may also be used as meal replacements.

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Protein shakes serve a wide variety of purposes. The shakes can be used as meal replacements for those who want to ensure that they consume their daily required amount of protein while avoiding excess food and calories. When used as meal replacements, studies have shown that protein shakes can result in significant weight loss. The shakes also aid in the reduction of overall body fat. Protein shakes appear to increase lean body mass and physical performance.

Overconsumption of protein shakes may have harmful effects or cause them to work inefficiently. Those who drink protein shakes should take care not to exceed recommended daily protein intake maximums. Extended adherence to high-protein diets may result in digestive problems, nutrient deficiency and higher risks of medical problems including heart conditions and kidney malfunction. Some protein shakes include added ingredients which may not provide additional benefits for health, such as fructose or aspartame, so protein shakes blended with natural, healthy ingredients may be a better option. It is advisable to seek the advice of a physician before regularly incorporating protein shakes into a diet.

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