What Is Protein Good For?


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Protein is good for repairing body tissue, losing weight, remaining full, and creating enzymes and hormones. It is an essential nutrient that helps the body function.

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The body uses protein as a building-block mechanism. Bones, skin, blood and muscle are all made of the nutrient in some form. The muscles repair and rebuild after a workout. Diets with more of it have a positive impact on heart health, according to a Johns Hopkins Medical study.

Protein is important for meeting daily nutritional needs. The amount depends on age and gender. For instance, men and teenage boys get enough protein from three servings of 7 ounces each day. Children, women and the some of the elderly receive enough protein through two servings each day of 5 ounces. The body needs a small amount of the nutrient to thrive, and a diet with excessive protein can lead to such complications as expelling calcium when urinating.

Protein is especially beneficial in the morning because it provides the body with sustenance for the day. The building block gives the brain amino acids, which is a necessary element that helps the brain stay alert. A breakfast meal that includes plenty of the nutrient increases a person's chances of staying full for much longer, which helps dieters lose weight. Combining protein sources with complex carbohydrates provides satiety after eating lunch, and a healthy combination prevents snacking between meals.

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