How Do You Protect Yourself From a Trichomonas Transmission?


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To avoid trichomonas transmission, practice safer sex by using condoms. Men and women are both vulnerable to getting and transmitting the disease, but it is more common in women, states WebMD.

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Although typically spread through sexual contact, in rare cases trichomonas infections can spread through contact with an infected individual's personal items, such as a wet towel. Pregnant women with trichomonas infections risk complications during pregnancy. Infected areas in women can include the urethra, bladder, vagina and cervix. In men, parts of the body usually affected include the urethra and the area under the foreskin, if uncircumcised, according to WebMD.

Many people with trichomonas infections do not display symptoms. In women, symptoms may include an abnormal change in vaginal discharge, vaginal itching and pain while having sex or urinating. Men may experience symptoms such as burning during urination, irritation in the tip of the penis and an abnormal discharge from the penis, as stated by WebMD.

The incubation period for a trichomonas infection is five to 28 days from the exposure date. Transmission is most likely during this time. Doctors prescribe tinidazole or metronidazoleInfected to treat trichomonas infections, and infected individuals should avoid sexual contact until they finish their course of medication and all symptoms are gone, advises WebMD.

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