How Do You Protect Yourself From Morning Back Pain?


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According to HowStuffWorks, placing a hand on the counter and using it to support the body while brushing is a good way to ward off morning back pain. Other ways of preventing back pain in the morning are to bring the feet forward toward the back while slipping on a pair of socks and placing a hand on the countertop while lowering the body to the toilet.

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A person is better off using his arms to support himself during morning activities to protect against back pain, reports HowStuffWorks. It is also good to keep the back as straight as possible and keep from putting more weight than necessary on the lower back.

HowStuffWorks also notes that the type of socks a person wears can keep him bent over in an uncomfortable or unhealthy position for longer than absolutely necessary. Loose and shorter socks are easier and faster to slip into than tight and longer-style socks. Shoehorns are also a good option for shoes that are problematic to slip on. The type of shoes that a person wears can also cause back pain in the morning that continues throughout the day. High-heeled shoes and shoes that are flat and have poor soles are some of the worst on the spine.

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